Entry #5

!(>_<)! Zodiac Reactor

2009-06-12 13:28:32 by FunfaceGames

I Just finished a new game called Zodiac Reactor, and uploaded it to NG today! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Play Zodiac Reactor

!(>_<)! Zodiac Reactor


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2009-06-12 15:38:39

Lots of fun. The different modes and enemies mix it up a lot and keep you on your toes. Could have lots of potential as a rhythm game.

FunfaceGames responds:

Hey Thanks!
I have to admit, the rhythm game idea is definitely bouncing around upstairs! The main thing that kept me from it, is having to jack up the filesize with lots of music tracks.


2009-06-14 23:58:55

Awesome game, about the rithm feature, i hope it'll be just a game mode and not the whole game based on it (im terrible with rithm games ;) ) overall, nice game

I think I just found a glitch, when playing the speed round for the 100,000 points, i collected 47 and it gave me only around 400 points (can't remember exactly)

I found the menu to set quality just after i wrote the review TT__TT

Anyways, another 5 to this one (i'll vote 5 as long as i return to play, and it wont get boring easy) awesome game, keep it up

I'd love to see a combo-only mode (like with 1 hp and just pure combo) on a firther game.